Fellow Military, Spouses, & Families

I’d like to start this page off by telling you why I created Lifebook Military.

My name is James M Beck. I’m a Husband, I’m a Father, & I spent the better part of 2 decades leading men in & out of combat as a Forward Artillery Observer in the United States Army. Now, as a Certified Lifebook Leader, I am dedicated to helping other Military  just like you, your Spouses, & Families, use Lifebook to discover who you truly are and what you really want in life.


Jon & Missy Butcher founded Lifebook over 20 years ago as a phenomenal program designed so that anyone could use it to create & achieve ultimate life success. To date, Lifebook has over 60,000 users, all over the world & from every walk of life, & let me tell you, Lifebook is nothing short of amazing for every one of them.

Personally, I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that Lifebook has the “Lion Share” of responsibility for helping me course correct through 1 of the most difficult struggles of my life.

But as awesome as Lifebook is, I always wanted to have a more Military/Veteran-centric experience within the program. So, I got certified with Lifebook as a Lifebook Leader & created Lifebook Military, as a subset support system for the Lifebook program.

The Mission of Lifebook Military is to tailor the Lifebook experience, with a more specific, Military-esque perspective that can only be understood by those of us who have lived or are living that Military life.

As you read through this page, you’ll learn all about the value of Lifebook & how Lifebook Military, enhances it!

So let me ask:

If you could design a mission plan for your ideal life

what would it look like? What would you do every day?

How would your body look and feel?

Where would you live and travel?

Who would you love and how?

Important questions right? Just a few of the MANY important questions, many of us don’t ever ask ourselves.
But here’s an even more important question;

Do you even know how to determine those answers?

I mean, if an ideal life is the Mission, & you are not living that ideal life RIGHT NOW, then what’s stopping you from being Fully Mission Capable? 

Are you who you truly want to be? 

Or are you struggling to find direction, while chasing goals & objectives that don’t contribute to your Ideal Life Mission?

The truth is

No matter how your life looks right now - you have the ABSOLUTE POWER to turn it into a real masterpiece of Excellence in Execution. You just need to get clear on what your masterpiece looks like. You need a clear vision for your Life’s Mission. So if you hear a quiet voice within, telling you that you can do more, be more, live more – don’t worry, it’s not the “Good Idea Fairy”. It’s your inner Call to Arms, pushing you to take direct control over the planning, coordination, and execution of ALL the key aspects & operations of your ENTIRE life!

Lifebook is the ammo, Lifebook Military is the weapon. Together, they'll help you eliminate the obstacles preventing you from turning your life into a Living Masterpiece of Excellence in Execution!

What Exactly is Lifebook


How Does Lifebook military

Enhance it?

Lifebook is a Transformational Lifestyle Design System that Empowers you to
ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your very best life (on your own terms).

Lifebook gives you the clarity, tools, and momentum you need to get out of the proverbial passenger’s “Right Seat” & into the driver’s “Left Seat” so you can drive your life straight into that Living Masterpiece of Personalized Mission Success.

Through an intuitive step-by-step process, you’ll discover who you really are and what you want in all 12 dimensions of your life – then design a personal action plan to Execute & Achieve.

Lifebook Military,
is a support structure for Lifebook, tailored to the U.S. Military Veteran Community,
that helps Military Service Members, Vets, & Our Families, transmute the Lifebook system into a more familiar Militant structure, turning that personal Lifebook action plan into what I call, your
Life Operations Order.

A pen and some green books on top of each other.

The Most Important Book You’ll Ever Own

By the end of the Lifebook process you’ll own a
100-page book
designed, written, & executed by you, for you!

In that book, lives your crystal-clear vision for the person you want to be and the life you want to live. This is where you stop only accomplishing other people’s Missions & start both, choosing, & accomplishing your own!

Every dream, every desire, every goal –
everything that you really want to be or do
captured on the pages of
Your personal Life Operations Blueprint.

Your Lifebook
Life Operations Order.

Your completed Lifebook will quickly become the most important book on your shelf or in your digital files.

Lifebook Military will instantly become its most empowering support channel. Both, will regularly guide your actions and decisions as you work towards creating your dream life of authenticity, fulfillment, and perpetual growth.

Mission Success In All 12 Dimensions Of Your Life

Most people only focus on improving their career, wealth, health, and relationships – but, in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfilment.
Just like our Missions in uniform, our Life’s Mission Plan must address ALL the essential areas.

Lifebook takes you on an eye-opening deep dive into all 12 dimensions of your life, and empowers you to
thrive in each of them withOUT sacrificing or compromising any one area for another.
You’ll achieve ultimate balance & optimal efficiency over your:


How LifeBook

Transforms Your Life

A red circle with the number 1 in it.

You Get Crystal Clarity On Your Life Vision

Your Life Vision is your Ultimate Mission Objective. You'll identify your most essential Vision/Objectives, in each of the 1st 11 Categories, then culminate those visions/objectives into your Overall, Ideal Life Vision/Objective. Your Life Vision shows you exactly where to aim your most essential efforts. That’s paramount, because we can’t shoot until we aim & we can’t aim without a target. But your Life Vision’s not just A target, it’s THE Target! With it, you’ll come out of this program knowing exactly where to aim, what to shoot at, & what to shoot it with in order to achieve the ultimate target hit, ie: Your Best Life! No more wasting time on unnecessary distractions. Just a crystal clear, documented picture of exactly what your best life looks like, inspiring & propelling you forward. With this kind of clear decision-making framework, you’ll get deeply in touch with who you are & discover exactly what you want in all 12 areas of your life.

A red button with the number two in white.

You Achieve Success In All 12 Areas Of Life

On missions, ultimate success comes when all 5 paragraphs of the military Op Order (Situation, Mission, Execution, Service & Support, and Command & Signal) function cohesively. The same is true across the 12 Categories in Lifebook. We call that Category Interconnectivity, meaning a win or a loss in 1 category, can lead to a win or a loss in every category. That’s why Lifebook works to help you build a well-balanced life where every dimension that’s important to you grows in harmony with ALL the others. You’ll create a perfect 12 Category Smart Life where, NO one area of your life has to be sacrificed, compromised or neglected in order to achieve success in another. If we liken the categories to our Fighting Forces, in this mission, everyone gets to come home alive & distinguished!

A red circle with the number three in it.

You Reclaim Control Over Your Life

In uniform, following orders is paramount. However, we are often still expected to take initiative in the absence of orders. In life, there are no true orders, there is only initiative. Initiative that we in the Military Vet Community often give away because all we know how to do is serve & sacrifice. With Lifebook Military, you’ll experience a profound paradigm shift when you take hold over the realization that command of your life is 100% yours. You & you alone, are in direct & full control of how it unfolds. As such, you’ll become your own Commander and develop an inner strength and respectful disregard for other people’s ideas of success or expectations of you, when they don't contribute to your Life Vision.

A red circle with the number four in it.

You Structure & Measure Your Personal Development

To determine a target’s coordinates, you 1st need to know your own coordinates. The Lifebook Assessment Tool is the 1st action step on your Lifebook journey. It is specially designed to identify exactly where you are now, across each of the 12 Categories. After that, we use it as a regular progress report, to track your position, relative to each category. Think of it like a kind of, “where are you now” sit-rep, used to keep your motivations aimed at achieving the essential targets, designated in your Life Vision.

A red circle with the number five in it.

You Navigate Life’s Difficult Transitions With Ease

With this kind of clarified direction, you’ll find a new kind of resilience that helps you grab hold of our Militant ability to adapt, improvise, overcome, & even reinvent yourself in the face of life’s most challenging circumstances & transitions. Whether your obstacles are Military or personal in nature, you’ll build unshakable inner power that turns your problems into challenges that you can overtake with ease. Life has a lot to throw at you…deployments, change of station, transitioning through injuries, or transitioning out of the service, life after service, divorce, breakup, career change, health issues, spiritual crises, mid-life crisis, children leaving home, etc. Lifebook is the difference between navigating them with an old rickety compass & navigating them with a 12 Category smart GPS System.

number 6 1 removebg preview

Unbreakable Supply Lines

In Combat, we often have to face the enemy with the gear we have, not necessarily the gear we want to have. But 1 thing we never do, is fight the battles alone. Lifebook Military provides an extra layer of support, not available in the regular Lifebook Program. This extra layer of support provides a critical source of supplies and community (our own Lifebook Force Multiplier) that makes Life Mission Success markedly more achievable!

A suitcase is shown in the dark with light shining on it.

What’s Included In Your
LifeBook Military
Premium Experience?

Your Lifebook Military Premium experience is hosted in full force its own separate Community App, linked to the general Lifebook App,
all available anytime and anywhere on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

In this all-in-one platform you’ll be able to find your:
Lifebook program content (videos and editable Lifebook templates),
ongoing coaching support from your Lifebook Leader – James,
support from your local, global, & U.S. Military Veteran, & Lifebook’s general Community,
 who share in this journey with you.



Here’s what you get in your package:

Lifebook's 12 Category Training Videos

You’ll get access to high-end training videos (that are clean, easy to understand, & actually fun to watch) featuring the founder of Lifebook - Jon Butcher - guiding you through every step of the Lifebook process.

‍‍‍Each video focuses on one of the Lifebook categories and walks you through a powerful 4-step process of creating a compelling vision for that category.

‍Apart from Jon’s wisdom you’ll also get Community Wisdom sections in each training video - featuring paradigm-shifting breakthroughs and insights from a handpicked selection of Lifebook’s most successful students.

Lifebook 12 Category Templates

Activate your personalized Lifebook with easy-to-use templates designed for each of the 12 categories of life. ‍

‍That crystal-clarity I keep mentioning, comes from defining (In each of the 12 Categories):

‍1) What you believe (Your Premise)
2) What you want (Your Vision)
3) Why you want it (Your Purpose)
4) How you’re going to achieve it (Your Strategy)

With expert guidance, from Lifebook & Lifebook Military, you’ll capture all your thoughts on these templates to create your actual, written Lifebook.

‍If you want, you can even print your Lifebook out like a training manual, or some people even hand write their Lifebooks. Either way, you could bind it, & even display it on your bookshelf as a reminder of your path to extraordinary living.

The choice is completely yours!

Personalized Coaching With Your Leader

Lifebook Military is a
‍Premium Lifebook experience.

‍You’ll have the support & guidance of
your Lifebook Leader James Beck,
‍every step of the way. ‍

Each week, inside the LifeBook Military Community Platform, James holds eight hours of exclusive, LIVE Q & A sessions, available ONLY to Lifebook Military Members & their families.

The agenda behind these sessions, is to discuss your progress, answer your questions, & get likeminded community input to help you create custom strategies that you can use to achieve your desired objectives in each of the
12 LifeBook categories.

Additionally, you’ll have a 24/7 connection, to James & the Lifebook Military community through the Lifebook Military App.

Exclusive Lifebook Community & Events

You’ll also begin your Lifebook journey with your local community, so you can support and uplift each other every step of the way. ‍‍

You’ll be able to create your custom profile and add your location to easily connect with Lifebookers near you or even non U.S. Military Lifebookers around the world. You can even host or attend online events and real-life Lifebook meet-ups. ‍

You are joining a U.S. Military & global community of people on your exact same journey towards extraordinary living. But with Lifebook Military, we are carving out a small corner of that community where we U.S. Military Vets & Our Families can come together in order to address & target issues with Lifebook, that the rest of the community may not be able to relate to.

Either way, whether in our Military space, or in the community at large, there will be plenty of opportunity to make friends, get help, and co-create as 1 big Lifebook unit, or as smaller units, still contributing to the force as a whole!

LifeBook Is For You If You…

Want to strive to discover who you really are, what your unique purpose is, and what you really want in every area of life - without settling for someone else’s version of success

Feel a sense of unfulfilled potential in your life, as if you’re settling when you could be doing or achieving something more

Have reached some level of success in certain areas of life, but feel you’ve sacrificed too much in other areas to get there (e.g. giving up family time for your career)

Are seeking clarity as you move through a major transition point in life (e.g. change of station, transition into civilian life, divorce, career change, a personal loss, a mid-life crisis, etc.)

Want to level up your life with proven lifestyle design strategies that can rapidly transform your productivity, mindset, and effectiveness.

Are done with just letting life happen to you, and want to take your destiny in your hands, and make life happen for you instead!


Lifebook Military is the culmination of 24 years of James learning lessons that only we Military Veterans & Our families are privy to learn. His profession was Leadership for the better part of 2 decades, a good bit of that of that was in combat. 

But his passion has always been the search for Ultimate & Objective Truth. And the truth that led to the creation of Lifebook Military, is that Military Servicemembers, Veterans & Our Families lead a special kind of life & needs a special kind of support.

Lifebook + Lifebook Military 
IS that support.

James wears & has worn many hats. Bondservant of God & The Lord Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, U.S. Army Forward Artillery Observer, Martial Artist, & Businessman, just to name a few.

In 2019, James started his own Company, Wolf Man Definitive (The business entity that houses Lifebook Military) and added Entrepreneur, & then Certified Lifebook Leader to that list. 

Today, James lives in the Pacific Northwest, Madly in Love with his SMOLDERING Wife Carmen, who has helped him accomplish more in their years together, than in all the rest of his years combined. But his greatest accomplishment is still his 4 beautiful Daughters, the absolute Loves of his Life!

“It used to be that, on paper, I should have been dead. But now, that “paper” is my Lifebook, it’s 1 of the biggest reasons I am still alive & thriving, on the far side of obstacles that should have brought me to my end, many times over. Everyone’s Lifebook experience is unique to them. But mine helped me find Christ, secured my marriage against some MAJOR & early external challenges, clarified my post Army career path & so much more!

Lifebook is the Ultimate Earthly Advantage against this War we call Life, and now, I am Zeroing its Sights to the World of Us, We Military Servicemembers, Veterans, & Our Families!”                                                             

– James M Beck


A man and woman hugging each other in the woods.


Lifebook began with two people who refused to live an ordinary life. Jon and Missy Butcher are the inventors of Lifebook, but they’re not personal growth teachers. They are lovers, artists, entrepreneurs and adventurers who have designed a life most people might call impossible. 

Jon & Missy have founded 20 impact-driven companies and philanthropic organizations together. They are financially free, they enjoy a whirlwind romance, even after decades of marriage, they live in multiple countries a year, including the dream home they are building on a remote Hawaiian island, and they’re grandparents in their 60’s – who look and feel a decade or 2 younger.

Every single aspect of Jon and Missy’s life appears to defy society’s expectations: not because they’re smarter, more gifted, or luckier than anyone else – but because they designed it that way with the Lifebook system.

Today, Jon and Missy’s mission is to spread the Lifebook Lifestyle to at least 1 Million people worldwide, and to keep reaching for the highest possible quality of life, while empowering others to do the same.


A man and woman posing for the camera.

LifeBook Works - Here's Proof

Whether you’re looking for general clarity in your life, a proven system to achieve your goals, or even if you want to reinvent or rediscover yourself – Lifebook gives you the tools, clarity, and inspiration you need to get where you want to be. Just like it has for over 60,000 of the Lifebook grads worldwide.

Now it’s time to show that world what a Lifebook can do, in the hands of the
U.S. Military Veteran Community!

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Start Your Premium

LifeBook Military Experience Now!!!

Here's the roll up of what you get!


Frequently Asked Questions

in each of the 12 dimensions of your life. During this powerful process of self-reflection you’ll deeply examine your beliefs, motivations, & aspirations then create actionable strategies to achieve your objectives. Here’s exactly how it works:

1. You watch the applicable category video that takes you on an eye-opening journey of self-discovery.

2. In that video, you are guided through filling up that category template by defining what YOU believe, what YOU want, why YOU want it, and how YOU’RE going to create it. Then, if you want, you can even customize your Lifebook more still, with personal images, quotes and other inspirational elements that connect you to it at an even deeper level.

3. You have powerful, stimulating discussions with your Lifebook Leader & other Lifebook general or Lifebook Military Members, on your Q & A sessions &/or in the community chat, sharing lessons learned to help remove any roadblocks you might have.

4. You repeat the process for each of the 12 Categories and as a result you create your own Lifebook – the most important book you’ll ever own. 

You get everything you need to shape your personal vision for the 12 key areas of your life, create your own personalized “Lifebook Life Operations Order” and stay motivated with true freedom of maneuver every step of the way.

This includes access to the Lifebook & Lifebook Military Apps (available on desktop and mobile) that contains: Lifebook 12 Category video training, Lifebook 12 Category editable templates (you can use it on any computer), coaching support from your Lifebook Leader James & other Lifebook general & Lifebook Military Members in a private group (forget Facebook) + access to our thriving global Lifebook Community & a LIVE, weekly Q & A sessions with your Lifebook Leader James Beck.

“No wind is favorable to the Sailor who has no direction”. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Rephrased) 

Surveyors report that there are 8 Billion people on Earth, around 1 million or so U.S. Military Service Members, & only a bit more than 60,000 Lifebook Members…by that math, very few people are living a 12 Category Smart Life. If you’re tired of being 1 of the many, a slave to the currents, being reactive instead of proactive, or even if you just want to take your proactivity to the next level, so you don’t have to ever sacrifice 1 category for another, Lifebook is for you.

But more over, have you, either as the Military Vet, tried to apply Military Operating Procedures at home? Or as the Family Member, had to deal with your Military Vet trying to apply Operating Procedures at home? Sometimes it can work, most of the time, the family didn’t sign on no dotted line & they don’t get it. But with Lifebook, you have the same level of attention to detail, in a common doctrinal structure, that each person can customize while still speaking the same Lifebook language. The #1 reason for War, between Nations or people, is an inability to relate. Lifebook can bridge that gap between all the people who matter most in your life.

As a U.S. Military Vet or Family Member, Lifebook uses the familiar doctrinal structure we were used to in uniform, or from supporting those in uniform, but gives it a personal tweak to tailor those fundamental principles to the Missions that matter most to our actual life. We always used to say, the Army only plans out 20 years of your life. What’s the plan for the other 40 – 60? The answer? Lifebook!

There are 3 elements that set Lifebook above and beyond other goal-setting programs:

1. It Takes a Holistic Approach – Lifebook helps you create a vision for all 12 dimensions of your life – not just your health, career, or finances, but everything in between that’s equally important.

2. It’s a Personalized System – Lifebook is what we call an “empty system”. That means that rather than giving you the answers we think are right for you, Lifebook helps you get in touch with the answers that YOU decide are right for you. In other words, all answers come from you, not at you. As a customizable blueprint for your ideal life, it’s grounded in what YOUR idea of success and fulfillment looks like – nobody else’s.

3. It Uses Measurable Results – With our signature Lifebook Assessment tool, Lifebook actually measures your transformation before, during, & at the completion of every draft of your Lifebook, across all 12 key dimensions of life. The great thing about this tool, is that Lifebook is never “done”. You will experience all kinds of transitions, good & bad, until the day you make the last transition from this world, to the next. Through that journey, you will have this tool to assess where you are, & give you the ultimate accuracy you need, to continuously stay on target through every course correction.

Lifebook is a program that was designed to be universally usable by anyone, anywhere in the world. Lifebook Military is a subset of the Lifebook program, meaning, the content from Lifebook – the guided videos, templates, etc are all exactly the same between both Lifebook & Lifebook Military.

The difference is Lifebook Military comes with a specific U.S. Military Veteran based support structure that is only available to Lifebookers who are U.S. Military Veterans or the Families of Military Veterans, whether on Active or Post Active Duty.

Military Veteran Spouses & Children can absolutely have their own LifeBook & in many cases, they should. The 1st 5 of the 12 LifeBook categories are personal categories, meaning they are less affected by outside sources than the remaining 7 Categories. For example: while your Health & Fitness are absolutely influenced by outside sources, you are solely responsible for managing them. Whereas your Love Relationship on the other hand, is what we called in the Army, “a 2 man lift”.

However, whether or not you should have your own LifeBook or work out of your Military Vet’s LifeBook, is entirely up to you. Remember, in LifeBook, the answers come from you, not at you. But just fyi, spouses receive all the same product benefits that the Military Veterans receive from the LifeBook Military Program. However, it’s also perfectly acceptable to share 1 membership per household. The only disadvantage of doing that, is that each household member would not have their own profile on the apps/accounts.

As for Children, Military Vets come in all ages. Some may have adult children & they will be offered those same benefits as well. In other words, if you were never in the Military, but your father served in Vietnam, you are eligible for Lifebook Military, of you would prefer that over the regular Lifebook Program. There is also LifeBook for Teens program being built, but for now, typically, LifeBook is not recommended for Children under the age of 17. We have found that (in general) children under that age haven’t yet formulated the tools necessary to make these kinds of life discernments with any real accuracy.

But keep in mind, 1 of the 12 Categories is Parenting. So if you have younger children, just getting clear & on the exact same page with your parenting across your marriage, can have a profound effect on your kids as well.

“Do not let your fire go out. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserve and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is YOURS.”

- Ayn Rand

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